Student Curators


A native of London, Rosie Brezynski is a junior majoring in Computer Science with a certificate in European Studies. Specifically interested in human computer interaction and artificial intelligence, she dreams of making computers easier to use for everyone. A perfect day would be spent at the yoga studio and drinking numerous chai tea lattes. As a coxswain for the University of Wisconsin Women’s Rowing Team, she tells the rowers what to do and steers the boat.


Stuart Deets, is a junior studying History, Art History & English Literature. An Eagle Scout, he loves teaching young kids about everything from nature to cooking safety, and has taught at the Tesomas Scout Camp for the past 5 summers. Through his work as a Chazen Ambassador, he has developed innovative programming, like dances and beach parties, to draw students in to experience the museum. After graduation, he plans to go to grad school for Contemporary Art History.


A junior majoring in History and the History of Science, Allie Dunham plans to further her studies in museum curation and outreach in graduate school. She believes everyone could benefit from expanding their science knowledge even through adulthood and hopes to use museums to encourage this. Outside of the classroom, she works at the Zoology Museum on campus and is an avid yogi, reader, and environmentalist.


Sam Landowski is a sophomore majoring in political science with a certificate in development economics. After graduation, Sam plans on going to law school to become a public defender. Outside of the classroom, Sam enjoys making music and teaching courses in relief-printing.  He grew up in Fort Atkinson, WI, and spent his childhood reading, playing, and drawing on walls.


A junior majoring in Molecular Biology and English Creative Writing, Shawna Rivedal plans to attend medical school. She is interested in the effects of sociocultural and socioeconomic contexts on medicine, specifically in the field of women’s health. In her free time, she enjoys writing and playing Telemann sonatas on the flute, and she’s still on the hunt for the perfect burger.


A junior majoring in Honors English Literature and Afro-American Studies, Eliza Weisberg is specifically interested in Modernism, African American Literature, and poetry. Serving as the Editor-in-Chief to the Madison Journal of Literary Criticism she plans to pursue a career in publishing or editing in New York after graduation. Continually fascinated by the everlasting power of words she would eventually like to attend graduate school to get her PhD.



A recent transfer student from the Milwaukee Area Technical College, Kieran is now a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is working towards completing a degree in English Literature and a certificate in Computer Science, and pursues academic interests in history and biology. He is passionate about traveling, and in the near future hopes to revisit his family in Kerala. In the past year, Kieran has published three different works in local journals.


Kieran Villoth, Prof. Sarah Marty, Sam Landowski, Shawna Rivedale, Allie Dunham, Rosie Brezynski, Stuart Deets, Eliza Weisberg, Prof. Joshua Calhoun




Kaydian Campbell is a fourth-year English PhD student interested in Early Modern women’s writing and the history of medicine. She is particularly interested in the way women writers engage with the revival of Anatomy and human dissection during the 16th Century. Campbell received her Bachelor of Arts from The City College of New York, with a dual focus in English and Psychology.


A native of Racine, Jenna Contreras is a senior majoring in Middle-Childhood and Early-Adolescence Education with a focus in English Language Arts. Aside from learning about rare books, she enjoys hiking, discovering new sections of beach along Lake Michigan, and exploring the outdoors in any way possible. Last semester she earned a spot on the Dean’s List, which is something she will work hard to be maintain.


Keith Gabler is an English PhD student intrigued by the history of sensory perception and Elizabethan epyllion, a genre of narrative poetry that is similar to epic, only shorter—they’re usually around 1000 lines long. Born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, he earned his BA from Columbia College with a focus in Film. He’s an avid baseball fan, patiently awaiting the Cubs’ next World Series championship.


Ryan Hussey was part of the Holding History original cast from 2015-16 and was instrumental in helping organize and get the program off the ground. He majored in English/Creative Writing and Pre-Med and graduated in May 2016. Hussey, who grew up in Appleton, WI, received the highly competitive Theatre Arts scholarship in the BFA acting program at UW-Stevens Point before transferring to Madison. After taking a class with Calhoun in Fall 2013, he went on to shadow two courses, serving as an undergraduate assistant in the classroom, organizing readings, and presenting to each class. In Spring 2015, Hussey and Calhoun presented together on behalf of UW-Madison Libraries at the Board of Regents Meeting in Waukesha, WI.


Patrick Rosenberg was part of Holding History’s original cast in 2015. He graduated in December 2015 with a double major in International Studies and East Asian Studies. Patrick’s first acting role was Antipholus of Ephesus in Comedy of Errors, where he first realized how much he enjoyed Shakespeare’s sense of humor and how uncomfortable tights can really be.


Alexandria Smith is a junior majoring in biology and planning to attend medical school. She is specifically interested in maxillofacial and craniofacial surgery because of their abilities to explore how a person’s face can affect quality of life, self-perception, and interactions with others. Outside of classes she enjoys spending most of her free time outdoors hiking and camping, and is still in pursuit of the perfect walking stick.


John Spoerl’s academic interests include cosmology, literature, history, philosophy, and logic. Hailing from Sheboygan Falls, he enjoys finding the beauty in nature through hiking, kayaking, and making music. Spoerl also works with the Physics Department’s youth camps and assists in the Observational Cosmology Lab.


Laura Schmidt is in her last year as a master’s student in the Library and Information Science program. She received her bachelor’s from UW Madison, majoring in English and Digital Studies, and has various jobs throughout Memorial Library. She’s very interested in special collections libraries, archives, digital humanities, and public humanities. Laura is from Green Bay, WI.


Tegan Vail, who was part of Holding History’s inaugural curator team in 2015, graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in May 2015 with a double major in English and Spanish Literature a Certificate in European Studies. Her interests include, but are not limited to, Renaissance Literature, traveling the world, and working with children. She is currently working as a 4K teaching assistant in a bilingual classroom and will be moving to Spain to pursue a job teaching English.